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Shipping Damage

At we do everything we can to ensure that your items arrive undamaged. Currently our damage rate runs at less than 2% and 99.99% of that occurs in shipping. Your order is packaged to meet industry standards and the packaging has passed comprehensive tests conducted by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). The carriers will occasionally damage the items and below are the procedures to follow when your order is delivered. Although these practices are common throughout industry few vendors will bother to tell you these things instead leaving you on your own.

You MUST examine your order immediately upon arrival. DO NOT blindly accept your order.


Do NOT sign the receiving paperwork without first giving the equipment a very thorough examination.
If the driver will not allow you the time to conduct a THOROUGH examination of the packaging the please NOTE THIS ON THE PAPERWORK and REFUSE THE SHIPMENT.

If you receive your order and fail to inspect it there is nothing we can do if it is found to be damaged after unpacking.
This does not include issues due to manufacturing defects that would be covered under warranty.

We apologize that we have to ask you to do these things but the trucking companies take a very hard line regarding how they handle shipping damage and sadly, as an industry, they have become more difficult to deal with.

In the past carriers would allow you to open the packages and inspect the equipment while their driver waited.  Now they only allow you to inspect the PACKAGING so it is important to be very thorough.

The steps outlined here are to protect you and in the unlikely event that your cabinet is damaged, will ensure that we can provide a no-cost replacement. If possible please have a camera available to take pictures of the packaging and your order when it arrives and while being unpacked.  A video of the entire process provides the most protection.

1) When your order arrives ask the driver to see their paperwork and keep it until you have completed your examination. Some drivers may try to hurry you but pay them no attention and proceed with your examination. Please be sure that the copy they give you contains all of the notes that are on their copy and it also contains their signature.  Drivers may provide you with erroneous information regarding how damage is handled, the 2 most common things being:

a) Misinformation #1 - that you don’t need to make a thorough examination of the packaging because you can write "per later inspection” or "subject to inspection and be protected.

b) Misinformation #2 - that If there is a damaged item you should keep it and the driver that brings the replacement will pick it up at that time

2) Carefully examine the packaging on each piece.

a) Shipments may have a shock watch sticker (ONLY cabinets from Sandusky Cabinets) on the packaging which is designed to turn red if the cabinet has been subjected to excessive shock. If this has been activated please inform the driver that you suspect damage and note it on the delivery receipt regardless of the condition of the packaging. Please be aware that there may still be damage to the cabinet even if the shock watch sticker has NOT been activated.  You MUST examine each package thoroughly.

b) Most items are shipped upright and almost always on a pallet, please note any obvious signs that your order may have been laid on its side or knocked over (i.e. – one side very dirty or scraped along the side, missing pallet, etc). The packaging should be in perfect condition and look new. You should note the slightest bump, dent, puncture, scrap, tear, crease or even small blemishes to the packaging or shrink wrap and indicate on the carrier's waybill that damage is suspected before signing. Divers may try to convince you that it’s a minor thing that doesn’t mean anything, please disregard their opinions and make the notation. What may appear as nothing more than a slight defect in the packing material (a small crease in the cardboard for example) may, in reality, hide damage to the cabinet. Please keep in mind that cardboard is relatively elastic and if pushed in will pop back with, maybe, a slight crease.  Be aware of creases or ridges in the cardboard.  Below are two good examples.

c) In any area that you cannot clearly see the cabinet through the packaging please run your hand over the surface and do your best to feel the cabinet surface.

d) We instruct the carriers not to stack things on top of the cabinets but occasionally they do causing damage especially to the counter height and desk height cabinets. If you ordered a short cabinet (under 6 feet tall) check for potential damage by pressing lightly on the cardboard covering the top to eel if the top has been pushed in and look carefully to see if it has any areas that look depressed, torn or creased.

e) It is common practice for the drivers to assign blame for damage that occurs in shipping to the manufacturer, please disregard their opinions. Please be sure to note any damage that is found even if the driver suggests or you think that it may not have been caused by the carrier. Do not add any reference to where or how you think the damage may have occurred; note only the damage (i.e. – "small dent on top" NOT  "small dent on top probably caused in factory").

3) In the unlikely event that your order is damaged you can either refuse the shipment or you can accept a cabinet with slight damage and we will negotiate a partial refund with the carrier. If your order consists of more than one item you may refuse part and accept part as long as this is noted on the waybill before signing.

Any damage or suspected damage MUST be noted on the waybill BEFORE you or your representative signs to receive or refuse the shipment.

If there is any damage please contact us at 888-651-3880 as soon as possible.

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