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Flat Files, Drawing Storage

Flat Files, Shelving Units, & Print Storage Cabinets

Here you will find a good selection of flat files, shelving units, and blueprint storage cabinets currently available at Metal Cabinet Store. We offer a number of industrial-strength steel units fit for low or high-traffic storage areas.

The flat file cabinets currently available include anywhere from five drawers to up to ten drawers for your convenience. The drawers included in the five-drawer storage file cabinets are 6" where the ten drawer cabinets have 4" drawers. Moreover, because we understand the need some have for an environment that is visually appealing and stylish, we also have a selection of different colors available for some items, to compliment your business settings and style. Choose from light gray, putty, and black. In addition, to ensure acidity, alkalinity, and out-gassing is eliminated from the atmosphere; we only use Museum/archival quality paint.

Our open print storage units can double as shop tables and are built to last and meet virtually all strength requirements of heavy manufacturing, for both maintenance and assembly type work. While the welded steel heavy-duty flat files we market can be used as a stand-alone unit - in the case you require more room - they can also be stacked to accommodate your needs and save space. You also have the opportunity of stacking files on optional base units. There is a 6" high closed base unit available and a 20" high open base unit that includes a shelf below to provide you with extra storage.

And we didn't leave out customization since we know that some businesses may have different needs and require more or less of what currently offer. Therefore, to oblige you, we may be able to make the modifications you desire; by adding more drawers to the mix or eliminating some, constructing taller or shorter drawers, adding more doors, or whatever you would like. The possibilities are endless.

To learn more give us a call now at 888-651-3880 we would love to hear from you.

Flat Files, Drawing Storage


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