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Chrome Wire Shelving

Chrome Wire Shelves

When it comes to wire shelving finish, chrome wire shelving units are the most popular. Chrome wire shelves provide solid resistance against dust, rust, and wear to keep your items safer. These wired shelves have a weight capacity of 600 to 800 lbs, are extremely durable, and appealing to the eye, which is why they are sometimes placed out in the open where others can see them. They are constructed with strong welded wire in chrome plating and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Because they are designed to improve visibility and ventilation, these wired shelves are a perfect choice for cold storage that requires air circulation or electronic equipment that needs to stay ventilated so it won't overheat. This type of wired shelving can also be used in a variety of applications like containers, uneven floors, basements, etc.

Chrome-plated wire shelves are great for commercial, industrial, and residential use and are ideal for dry storage and heated environments such as warehouses, stockrooms, restaurants, homes, offices, retail stores, kitchens, and garages. In addition, many of these shelving units are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) listed and certified for use in health care environments and food service industries.

Chrome Wire Shelving

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