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All 12 Gauge Cabinets

Metal Cabinet Store features a myriad of cabinet styles designed for commercial and industrial use. Choose from highly durable 12-gauge cabinets which includinge stainless steel cabinets, clear-view cabinets, work-bench cabinets, and more. We have job site cabinets with lift-up lids, wardrobe cabinets with adjustable shelving, cleaning supply cabinets, and locker-style cabinets with drawers--each designed with strength and durability in mind. As a leading distributor of industrial cabinetry, Metal Cabinet Store offers heavy-gauge cabinets in many different shapes and styles. 12-gauge construction is the most durable and ideal for industrial settings or situations where cabinet strength is essential. Whatever your storage need we likely have the cabinet and if not we'll have it built to your specifications. Our collection includes general purpose and specialty cabinets such as ventilated or mobile, cabinets designed for field station duty, cabinets with roll-up doors, and cabinets with pegboard storage. You'll be hard-pressed to find a wider selection of modern extra strong 12-gauge cabinets anywhere else. Our cabinets are designed for use in a multitude of settings, including industrial and manufacturing facilities, construction sites, medical facilities, office buildings, warehouses, homes, and more.

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All 12 Gauge Cabinets

All-Welded Cabinet Workbench with Center Shelf (3,000 lbs. Capacity)

4 Models Available
24"W x 48"D x 36"H
30"W x 48"D x 36"H
30"W x 60"D x 36"H
30"W x 72"D x 36"H

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