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Help & FAQs

How Do I Find My Key Code?

We only have keys available for Sandusky Cabinets and only cabinets made in the last 5-6 years will have an actual key code.  If you still have any keys the code should be stamped on your current key(s).  If not the code is stamped on the face of the lock, that area about the size of a dime where you insert the key.   If your lock/handle has no code we may still be able to provide keys but we strongly recommend that you purchase a new handle which will come with a set of 2 keys.

How Do I Find My Sandusky Cabinet Model Number?

Most cabinets will have a bar code on the back of the cabinet, some of the older models will have the sticker inside.  Normally there are 2 series of numbers,  please have both numbers available when calling.  If you are unable to find a sticker please call us when you're near your cabinet and we will ask a series of questions that will give us the information we need.

How do I order the Correctly Sized Shelf?

Shelf size is determined by the cabinet.  When looking for additional or replacement shelves we need the width and depth of the cabinet, not the shelf.  If possible also please have the model number of the cabinet available.

How do I Determine the Correct Locking Rod Type & Size?

The size of your rods are easy toe determine.  We need the outside height of your cabinet (not the doors) not including casters.

Rod Type is determined by your handle.

Swing Handles     Sandusky Cabinets Swing HandleUse the RDset rod types.

Recessed Handles Sandusky Cabinets Recessed Handle for 3-Point LocksUse the RDOFF rod types

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