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Clearview & Expanded Metal

Clearview storage cabinets and Expanded Metal cabinets are a great solution if you need the ability to see the contents of your cabinets while keeping them organized and secure.
We have options with plexiglas door panels, expanded metal front doors and cabinets built completely of expanded metal. The expanded metal storage cabinets are the go-to option when you need to organize and secure items that require air flow and a little more security than plexiglas. Most of these cabinets are available in 22-gauge, 16-gauge, 14-gauge, super heavy duty 12-gauge and stainless steel. Mobile versions are also available for most. These cabinets are the "clear choice" when you need to keep the contents secure while allowing the a quick glance to see what's stored inside.

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Clearview & Expanded Metal

All-Welded Combination Cabinets w/2 Half Shelves

4 Models
49"W x 27"D x 78"H
61"W x 27"D x 78"H
49"W x 33"D x 78"H
61"W x 33"D x 78"H

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