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RUF Series, Rack-U-Frames

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Model Dimensions Capacity Weight
RUF-251 25"W x17.5"H 20,000 lbs. 266 lbs.
RUF-640 25"W x 17.5"H 60,000 lbs. 298 lbs.

RUF Series - Rack-U-Frames - U.S. Patent No. 3,581,907, Canadian Patent 930334. These heavy duty stack racks are completely assembled and ready for use. Formed for strength and stacking tiers. Carrying handle for strength and convenience. Sold individually and used in any combination to meet your needs. For maximum capacity and safety, the units should be installed on a solid, smooth surface, evenly spaced 20 ft., and stacked a maximum of 4 high.
Capacity; RUF-251 20.000 lbs., RUF-640 60,000 lbs.

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