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Handle Set, Polished Chrome Finish, Right Locking, Left Dummy

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Model No. Description
DLH-C Handle Set, Polished Chrome Finish, Right Locking, Left Dummy. Includes a set of 2 keys.

Chrome Finish Handle Set
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For use only with cabinets that have locking rods connected to the handle.
This handle is used with models
TA11361830, TA11362430, TA21362442, TA2R462442, CA41361872, CA41361878, CA41362472, CA41362478, CA21361842, CA21362442, CAC1361872, CAC1361878, CAC1362472, CAC1362478, CAW1361872, CAW1361878, CAW1362472, CAW1362478, CA4V361272, CA4V361872, CA4V361878, CA4V362472, EA4V362478, EA4V461872, EA4V462472, EA4V462478, CA2V361242, CA2V361842, CA2V362442, EA2V461842. EA2V462442, TA4V361872, TA4V362472, TA4V461872, TA4V462472, TA2V361842, TA2V362442, TA2V461842, TA2V462442, CA4M361872, CA4M362472, EA4M461872, EA4M462472, TA4M361872, TA4M362472, TA4M461872, and TA4M462472

Please keep in mind that these handles are not returnable unless defective, are made for Sandusky cabinets ONLY and are model specific. If your cabinet is not a Sandusky cabinet please do not order this handle unless you are willing to take the risk that it may not work with your cabinet. If you know that your cabinet is a Sandusky but are uncertain as to the model please call us.
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