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TA10462400, Extra Shelf

Ship Weight (lbs.) - 19
Freight Class:
Shipping Time - --> Cabinets, 1-2 weeks. Parts 3-7 days. Shelving 2-3 days but subject to availability.


Model No. Description Dimensions Weight
TA10462400 Extra Shelf Used with cabinets that are 46"W x 24"D 15 lbs.

Free Ground Shipping in the Continental US
Extra Shelf for 46"W x 24"D Transport / Husky / Elite Cabinets & Bookcases

Includes Shelf Clips
This shelf is used with the following cabinet models:
EA2R462442-0K EAWR462472 TAWR462472 TA2R462442 EA2V462442 EA4V462472 TA4V462472 TA2V462442 TA4R462472 TA3R462460 TA4M462472 EA4M462472 EA2R462442 EA4R462478 EA4R462472 EA4E462478 EA4E462472 IA3F462460 EA4P462478 EA4P462472 KF3F462472-H9, Husky AA3F462472

These shelves are for the Sandusky Cabinets models and the Husky cabinet model listed above. If your cabinet is NOT a Sandusky cabinet or the Husky cabinet model listed please do not order this shelf, there are no returns.


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