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EA10361800, Extra Shelf

Ship Weight (lbs.) - 9
Freight Class:
Shipping Time - --> Cabinets, 1-2 weeks. Parts 3-7 days. Shelving 2-3 days but subject to availability.


Model No. Description Dimensions Weight
EA10361800 Extra Shelf Fits cabinets that are 36"W x 18"D 7 lbs.

Free Ground Shipping in the Continental US
Extra Shelf for 36"W x 18"D Adjustable Models- Elite Series- Bookcases - Husky
Includes Shelf Clips

Used with cabinet/bookcase models EA4R361872, EA42361872, EA4R361878, EA42361878, EA4E361872, EA4E361878,EA11361830, EA2R361842, ER4P361872, ER4V361872, TA11361830, CA4V361872, CA2V361842, TA4V361872, TA2V361842, CA41361842, CA41361878, CA21361842, CAW1361872,DA42361872, HA3F361864, SA42361872, AA3F361872, BA10361830, BA20361842, BA30361852, BA40361872, BA50361884, BM10361830, BM20361842, BM30361852, BM40361872, BA1R361830, BA2R361842, BA3R361852, BA4R361872
Used with Husky Models AA3F361872


These shelves are for the Sandusky Cabinets models and the Husky cabinet model listed above. If your cabinet is NOT a Sandusky cabinet or the Husky cabinet model listed please do not order this shelf, there are no returns.
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