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Card and Multimedia Files - 28" D

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Card and Multimedia Files - 28"D

Model No. Dimensions No. Openings Weight
CF-669 21'W x 28'D x 52 3/8'H 6 214 lbs.
CF-758 19'W x 28'D x 52 3/8'H 7 220 lbs.
CF-846 15'W x 28'D x 52 3/8'H 8 216lbs

See chart below for drawer storage capacities

Model No. Cards VHS Tapes VHS Tapes CD's CD's DVD's
  Size/Capacity Cardboard Sleeve Plastic Case Standard Slimline Movie Case
CF-669 6x9 / 32,600 288** 252** - - 504**
CF-758 5x8 / 38,100 336 294 896* 1680* 588
CF-846 3x5,4x6 / 43,400 - - 1024 1920 -

Tennsco® Card Files are your storage solution to a wide variety of non-traditional sized media. Card files can handle almost anything from paper cards to digital media. Card files come standard with one center partition and two follower blocks. *Removing center partition increases this number by 1/3. **VHS and DVDs fit securely only if a second center partition (CF-DIV) is inserted.



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