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Sandusky Storage Cabinet Keys


All CURRENT Sandusky Cabinets have their key code stamped on the face of the lock.
If your cabinet doesn't have a key code then it is likely going to use an FM028 or EL028 key (recessed/flush mount handles onlySandusky Recesssed Handle ).  If your cabinet has a traditional "swing" handle Sanduskky Cabinets Chrome Swing Handle without a code then your cabinet uses a "standard" key.  

If your cabinet uses the FM028, EL028 or Standard key your best bet is to replace the handle. We've found that the replacement keys work only part of the time which makes it impossible for us to offer a warranty on these keys. As an example if you needed a standard key for a CA41361872-05 or a FM028 for a EA4R361872-05 you could spend $32.00 for a set of replacement keys that carry no guarantee and may not work, or purchase a replacement handle that comes with a set of 2 keys and a guarantee//warranty.  If your cabinet is locked, you can call our office and we can tell you how to gain access.


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